Brantarby Greyhounds 

 Australian Champion & Neuter Champion Xilone Tigereye (AI) pedigree





A greyhound, said the prioress, should have:

A head lyke a snake,
A neck lyke a drake
The feet of a cat
A tail lyke a rat.
A back lyke a beam,
The sides of a bream.

Dame Juliana Berners


Brantarby Greyhounds came into being with the addition of Fern, my second showbred greyhound, the other being Piper. My aim is to breed greyhounds that are sound in mind and body, suitable for the home as a loving companion, as well as for competition.

Greyhounds are calm, loving dogs. They really live up to their reputation as couch potatoes. Greyhounds are very adaptable and will fit their exercise requirements to you. Mine are happy with a walk around the block, a play in the backyard and a free run 4 or 5 times a week to shake off the cobwebs. If you like more exercise than this your greyhound will adjust to your level. Just make sure your dog is injury free, that you build up to the level required slowly and you avoid the extremes of weather.


Greyhounds are like a lot of other dogs; some aren't safe with smaller animals so you need to take care. A lot of greyhounds learn to live with "their" cats, guinea pigs etc and some take no notice of any other animal. But movement is always attractive to them. Free running should only be done in an enclosed area. Some states don't allow greyhounds to be off leash even in off leash areas, or go without a muzzle, so it's best you check your local laws and bylaws. Grey's have excellent sight and can spot movement long before you can. When a grey takes off they are often oblivious to your calls for them to return. The thrill of the chase takes over and they act on instinct. When your calls finally register they will return but if they have crossed 4 roads in the meantime the chances of them coming back unscathed are diminished. So it's best to play it safe and always keep your grey on a leash unless in a secure, approved, area.






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