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Ch & Neuter Ch Xilone Tigereye (AI) pedigree


Fern was one of 13 puppies with 11 living. 3 males, 8 bitches. I wanted a bitch right from the start. They were evenly divided between fawns and brindles. One of the brindles was spoken for which left 4 fawns and 3 brindles to choose from. There was very little to choose between the pups but I did gravitate towards the fawns and then it was down to who was the most outgoing and most interested in people and that turned out to be Fern.




What could be more fun then a lapful of puppies? These photos are of the pups when they were 4 weeks old. Fern is the middle one.


We went back again when the pups were 6 weeks old.



Fern came home with us at 8 weeks of age and boy did the games begin. She drove her big "brother" Piper mad with wanting to play all the time, most of the time he obliged but sometimes he would just look at me as if to say "take her away". The cats, of course, taught Fern very early on that they were not to be messed with. Fern was introduced to a crate right from the start and it didn't take long for her to get the hang of that and toilet training was pretty easy. She's a smart cookie. Of course there was some show training too that we both muddled along with. It's harder than it looks! The washing on the line proved very tempting, eventually she grew out of that, but she has yet to grow out of disliking her feet getting wet when going outside for toileting. The 1st winter was hard on us both and the carpet on the back verandah took a beating. Fern still doesn't like getting her feet wet (or cold from frost ) but she does indeed tip toe out to do her business.

We've had a lot of fun learning the showing game and met a lovely bunch of fellow newbies in the hound ring as well as some more experienced showies. When our group gets together it is a great day, win lose or draw!

On November 23rd 2007 at the tender age of 13 months and 3 weeks, Fern gained the last points needed to gain her Australian title. We did it at one of our local shows with friends and family on hand. Highlights of our 1st year in the show ring were our very 1st show as a very young puppy just eligible for her class (Dec 2006), up to winning Puppy of Breed at both the Melbourne Royal and the Hound Club specialty in 2007. A big thank you to Xilone Kennels for entrusting this very special girl to my inexperienced show hands.

from this




to this in 12 easy steps (months)







Now starring in the Neuter Class with Rebecca Pirie handling!




Neuter in Show X 4


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